You are on your mat, a place that you either haven’t been for a while or place that you are new to. Either way, you find your body in a slightly uncomfortable posture. You feel tingly as parts of your body move in new ways. There is a moment of feeling discouraged, and you glance over to the person next to you and see that they too look as though this is a new and slightly different experience as a look of concentration creeps across their face.

Your eyes meet, and you smile at each other, feeling comfort and inspiration for each other’s effort. You have a new sense of confidence, and that is reflected in your attitude in the rest of class.

After class, with kombucha in hand, you strike up a conversation with the person who was practicing next to you. You learn that you have a lot in common in addition to your new experience today, you make a date to meet up for some tea. A foundation for a new friendship is forged.

Yoga Friends Glass and Class Ashley Marley Movement

The first studio I taught at was on the very cool street of Abott Kinney Blvd, in Venice Beach, California.  In these four walls, strangers would convene to move their bodies and to escape from life as they knew it for a few hours.

As I continued teaching there I watched lifelong friendships form over the common bond of pushing both physical and mental boundaries.  People would show up early to catch up with one another before class started.  After they would head out for coffee/drinks/brunch with one another.  All of these relationships happening over this common love of movement.

Creating Community Through Movement

I was in love with the idea of creating community through movement.  So when my family and I relocated to the U.K. I sought a similar experience.  I joined up at a more traditional gym but found that it was an isolated experience as everyone was doing their own thing. There were no boutique studios just yet that offered group classes with that warm welcoming feeling.

So that is when I wholeheartedly decided that I would create that experience for myself, and see what like-minded individuals would also like to join.

The purpose of Class & Glass is to create an opportunity to not only stretch your body, but to stretch your comfort zone and hopefully meet some new friends along the way.

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